Types of Diatomaceous Earth (garden in particular)

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    Jun 13, 2010
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    OK - I've searched and searched on Google and in the forums and I see tons and tons of references to "pool grade" DE and to "food grade DE" and I get that. What I can NOT find is where the DE you buy for the garden, we got a bag at Lowes, falls on that scale. The bag never uses the words "food" or "pool". I have called every feed & hardware store, even tried the local health food store, and no one has food grade DE available.
    It's rare that you can't find some sort of good answer via Google - so I hope that someone here will have an answer. [​IMG]
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    The DE used as a garden pesticide is called agricultural or horticultural DE. I used it once to help my son get rid of a fleas in his carpeting (brought in by a kitten that "followed my granddaughter home" [​IMG]). We did not use it on the kitten, however. I believe the garden DE contains added silica (fine glass/sand) which makes it dangerous if inhaled or ingested.

    The garden grade DE did a splendid job of killing those fleas, BTW. One caution is to sprinkle on carpets VERY lightly. Too much can be hard on the vacuum cleaner.
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    a website where you can order it...

    I ordered from http://www.earthworkshealth.com/

    I got the DE in like 2 days and it was in handy reusalbe containers.

    I was impressed with how fast it came and how well it works.

    No one in my local area carries the food grade and some places (even an Agway) tried to peddle the "pool type" as THE SAME AS FOOD GRADE.

    Hope this helps.

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    We get our DE from earthworks too. order it online in 50# bags. wonderful product. reduces moisture, odor and insects.
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    not sure if Y'all have southern states in WV but our's carry food grade DE about a 20-25 lb bag for less then $10
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    Quote:We do, but when I called, they said they don't carry it. If you can tell me the name on the bag you have, I can ask them to see if they can order it.

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