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  1. AzRooster

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    Feb 22, 2009
    SE. Arizona
    I know this probably is a repeated question but I cant find the answer I was looking for so I will just ask. I have 6 Buff Orps @ 4 weeks of age, all believed to be hens. Use will be pets/eggs(layers).

    1. What age do you stop feeding chick starter?
    2. How is scratch grains used, sparingly or as regular feed?
    3. What would be a regular feed left in a feeder with constant access be? Layer or something else??
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    I use chick starter until they're fully feathered. Then I switch to Flock Raiser, which is a general purpose feed. You shouldn't give them layer feed until they're ready to start laying... there's too much calcium in it for younger birds, and it damages their internal organs.

    Scratch is given as a treat, or to supplement their regular feed.

    Kathy in Texas
  3. AzRooster

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    Feb 22, 2009
    SE. Arizona
    Well, I recently bought 100 lbs of scratch cause I thought it was the staple feed..oops [​IMG]! I guess I need to get some flock raiser or other general purpose feed pretty soon.. Ever by any feed from Walmart??
  4. cmom

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    I use medicated Starter crumbles up to 8 weeks.
    Grower Crumbles or pellets from 8 weeks until you get your first egg.
    Layer from first egg on.

    If I use medicated Starter/Grower I feed it to the birds until I get my first egg then I switch over to Layer. If I have any Starter/Grower or Grower left over when I get my first egg I mix in the leftover feed with the Layer feed. I have never had any problems.

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