Types of protein and treats

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Apr 27, 2020
Carbondale, Illinois
Hi folks. What do you give your poultry as a protein supplement?

I'm needing to get some more worm (or other) treats for my gals and am ready to buy other than the boone worms I've been getting from our local store. First, the are pricey and second, I want to up my game and get them something that is exceptionally nutritious and healthy. I also have two ladies who are still producing new feathers from a late moult, and the nights are in the 20's right now here in southern Illinois. I'm open to other forms of protien as well. As a vegetarian, I don't have meat scraps.

An all flock diet, like Purina's Flock Raiser, 20% protein, with oyster shell in a separate dish. If you are feeding a layer feed at 16% protein, it will be a big help and all your birds, actively laying eggs or not, will do well on it. See what's fresh and available where you shop, either an all flock diet, or an unmedicated chick or grower diet.
I never buy meal worm, they are madly expensive! Definitely not worth it, IMO.
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