Ugg is all hunched over....maybe trying to lay that first egg? Help!

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8 Years
Mar 25, 2011
Oakland County, MI
Ugg, my usually animated polish pullet is looking pretty miserable right now. She's very hunched down and not moving much at all. She is in the 5mnth + range and though her growth is stunted due to her scissor beak I'm thinking maybe its time for her. Is there anything I can do to try to help her at all? She doesn't have a proper nesting box, we're working on the coop as we speak. Would having something to lay in be of any help...

i didn't think she would be of layin age yet though
did you give her some electrolytes?
i don;'t know what your weather is like but it is over 80 degrees here all of a sudden today and maybe she could use a boost
I had her at the vet to trim her scissorbeak and she was quite the star. They labeled her an exotic and asked for Ugg Grace....lmao.

It was pretty hot and humid but just turned stormy and cool. I'll keep my eye on her but if she were to lay a first egg are they usually quite uncomfortable? I would imagine...
it might be time to worm her.... i sadly had a roo that looked pretty uncomfortable when i first started out with chickens and before i had all you guys backin me up with all the hellpful advice....
he actually died from worms because i didn't know....
i was pretty mad at myself because i could have prevented it...
now everybody gets a couple drops of "pour on ivermectin" every 3 months, every 2 in the summer
that will never happen again
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