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    I have a small job at college as a drug and alcohol educator. I absolutely love my job. I teach classes and put together workshops to discourage drinking and driving. I'm a very people oriented person and I love public speaking. I've also been doing this job for three years now, so I have quite a bit of experience.

    At the beginng of this school year, the program switched hands and I got a new boss. New people were also hired to work with me and one of them is the coordinator, which means she is my superior. I really didn't have any problems with this set up, but recently this new coordinator has been hitting a raw nerve!

    I recently made another post about how she was rude in emails to me over winter break. Today I had to make a presentation about alcohol to a bunch of students from greek organizations. This new girl continually interrupted me while I was trying to give instructions about the pre test as she was "chatting" with her little greek friends. I had asked if she wanted to do a portion of the class, but she ended up not doing anything. Then, while I was showing the movie for the class, she continually texted and chatted with other people in the class. After the class was over, I gave her a bunch of clean up things to do and she had the nerve to tell me it was "ok" with her if I texted during the movie because I have seen it so many times. I told her that I do not like texting during the movie because it gives the impression to the students that it is ok for them to text. It's just so unprofessional!

    In the beginning of the presentation, she did the introductions and when she started she said "I know you probably don't want to be here because this is a boring program. You'd probably all rather be drinking." To me that was not funny at all. We are supposed to be discouraging this behavior! not making jokes about it.

    So really the only reason I am typing this is because I am frustrated. I don't think I will say anything about it because I don't want to cause problems. I really like my job. I do know that this girl has continually gone behind my back to the boss and complained about every little thing I have done. I have not said anything to my boss except one time when I was not receiving important info from this girl because she was texting it to us. I just really feel like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place!

    My room mate keeps telling me to quit my job, but quite frankly I do need the extra cash. I also like my job, but I needed to vent my frustrations to someone! You lucky BYCers get to hear it all LOL
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    [​IMG] Good vent! I do hope you at least feel a little better getting all that out [​IMG] I'd have been peeved too. I can't advise but I do feel for you!
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    Tell her if she isn't going to take the class seriously maybe she should move on? You are trying to make a difference and maybe save some lives.
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    Sounds like she is not only undermining the importance of what you do, but she's undermining you as a person as well. You need to say something to your boss. She is not acting professionally.
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    You need to be up front with her, explain politely that you've been doing this for 3 years and that she is welcome to leave the room and do her chatting and texting because it is very distracting to the students. If she gives you a hard time, speak to the person directly above the two of you very professionally, explain what is happening, and stand your ground.
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    Yeah, I would love more than anything to say something to my boss. Today we had a meeting though and at the end of the meeting she told us that if we had a problem with someone we had to lay it on the table. Personally, I was shocked. She also stated that we should not be talking privately about issues because then we would be talking behind each other's backs. Mind you, my boss is a counselor and psychologist at the college. I couldn't believe she had said this. I really do not want to bring up my issue in front of everybody else, but the way our boss was speaking to us today she made it sound like she does not want to hear problems. I also do not want my comments about this girls behavior to backlash on me. This girl seems like the type that would make work a living heck just in spite. That's mostly why I'm so frustrated...BUT you BYCers have given me some great advice in the past. I think I am going to think on it or perhaps give her one more chance.

    I feel like the job is doing a little bit of a downward spiral as far as leadership goes with this new grant, but on a positive note, we have been more successful about running programs and getting people involved. I haven't had any issues working with the third girl, but this one is just so immature! She's older than me (I'll be 21 in a few days) and she acts like she's still in highschool. IMO, she should NOT have gotten the job as the coordinator.
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    Well...your subtle message about not wanting to text during class because it's unprofessional obviously sailed right over her head. She doesn't care about the job or it's goal the way you do (evidence by her drinking comments). If you can address it with her. But if that's not possible, you do need to go to your boss (at least if you consider your boss professional). You need to tell you boss that you're coming to her because you really enjoy your job, and because you feel that the message you're teaching is very important. Tell her you are concerned that the students may be receiving mixed messages due to what's been going on in class recently. Stress the concern element, so you don't come across as a complainer or whiner, or like you're making it a personal thing. Good luck.
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    Quote:Thanks writer. I think this is what I will do if she continues with the same behavior after our next class. I know she'll give me an issue, but at least then I will have tried to handle it privately. I didn't feel like getting into it with her today, but next time I don't think I will hesitate.

    ETA: Thanks Teachrusl. That is also great advice.
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    Sounds to me like you liked your job til she came along, but you don't now.
    Is this going to be your life long calling?
    Roomate, are you in school?
    Life to short to deal w/ this. Take her aside and let her know what you've told us. Put it on note cards so you don't lose you focus.
    On the other hand if this is your "career" job then that puts a different complexion on things. Talk to "the" boss and let the chips fall where they may, BUT TALK TO HER FIRST.
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    take a tape recorder with you and record what this person says and how she acts

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