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Jun 14, 2009
Massena, NY
Someone dumped a mom and a bunch of baby domestic rabbits at a campsite up the road. I guess there are like 15-20 total. Ill post pics when i catch them all.

11 babies and 1 mom is all we could find. The only way to get back there is by 4 wheeler so i bungeed a cage to the front of my brother's and drove it down there. It was fun, i now want my own 4 wheeler.
Catchin the bunnies wasn't so much fun, had to pounce on them in the woods and chase them everywhere. Here are the pics.

The lil tan and white broken has a front foot injury, looks like a nail is ripped off.
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Dec 2, 2009
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Someone dumped off a momma cat who was majorly preggo off at our house. They also dumped a little male half grown kitten at the same time. I think people think if you live in the country they can ditch thier pets on you. We have 2 others cats so I think these 2 came up to the house to get thier food or something. I felt sorry for the preggo female because she is only a half grown cat maybe 4-5 mos old. She is all grey with big round yellow owl eyes and very sweet. She had 5 kittens last night arrrgg.. They are really cute and strangly colored. Now I have to try to find homes for them all.


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Jan 17, 2010
That's horrible.

A few months ago we rescued a very domestic bunny from the side of a busy road. Small, sweet, softest thing you've ever touched, plump, tame and some sort of exotic breed. Put up FOUND notices everywhere but nothing. Ended up giving him to a friend as we have no room for any more animals at present. He is now the heart of that family. I still see obviously domestic rabbits around the neighborhood, not the garden variety cottontails or jacks. I was also very briefly in kahoots with a certified "rabbit rescuer" who takes in abandoned rabbits and either finds good homes for them (after spaying and neutering if needed) or gives them a happy life on his many-acre ranch.

I absolutely loathe the throwaway-pet mentality of some people. A**holes.


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Jul 9, 2008

And my parents wonder why I want to be a Marine. I dont play well with others, especially when someone is heartless enough to do something like this! I have a rabbit that was found in the middle of a busy intersection. Gandalph is a california cross and is the sweetest boy ever! A fat boy, but still a sweet one!

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