Ugh RAIN...need help


Jan 8, 2021
Bridgewater NJ (Central NJ)
I have been contemplating through gutters! How did you attach em? Do you have links of what you used as gutters? No idea what I'm doing when it comes to this stuff.

ok, here are some photos - a total hack, not pretty at all, but works so far for the last 1.25 year. I used whatever I could get to keep the rain out! And cable ties are my best friend.
(so envy those who can draw a design and execute/implement the plan!!)

The cube was covered with wire, and the birdnet/deernet are attached to the cube, so it's near impossible to access the top of the cube. Internal tarp was the only way to go. (couldn't figure any easy way to make an internal roof panel)

To allow the rain and snow to get out:

1. the tarp was hung tilted toward one end of the run
2. internal gutter catching the water coming off the tarp and extent to about 3 ft beyond the side. (had to cut the wire to let the gutter to get through)
3. gutter is easiest to be hung by screwed to wood
4. the clear plastic sheet below the bottom of the gutter was inserted last week to deflect the draft, not for waterproof.
4. need overhang to keep the rain from going into the cube


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May 31, 2018
So tarps it is...but when we have days and days of rain the ground is so saturated it is literally like walking in puddles through our yard even though it is on a slope. The rain coming from the tarps as well as the runoff then makes the run nasty wet.
Do yall have any suggestions as to how to go about correcting this problem?
no tarps here due to high winds. Our run is also on a slight slope. The fencing is 2x4 welded wire with bottom 2 1/2' of 1/2" hardware cloth over the welded wire. Those bottom 2 1/2' are filled with fall leaves added every year. It is still gets messy in the fall/winter with all the rains we are getting, but there is no standing or running water 2+' above the grade.

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