Ugliest comb EVER!!!


7 Years
Mar 1, 2012
Washougal, WA
So this is Romeo, my BLRW Roo. He is only a year old and I swear his comb grows every day! I honestly don't even know how he sees a thing, but he manages just fine. Is this giant monstrosity normal because I've never seen anything like it??? It's actually kind of comical because it actually wiggles around when he walks
PS-his neck feathers are just starting to grow back...we had a banty rooster who was beating him up and pulling them out (he's at freezer camp now). You can click on the pictures to make them bigger so you can see this thing in all of it's glory

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So I went to a chicken swap today and I found someone who raises "proper" BLRW...he said that what's wrong with his comb is that it's a double comb, insted of their normal single comb. So apparently, it's not a tumor (say in Arnold's voice LOL)
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