Uh EW. Help pls.


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Dec 21, 2017


I had way too much eggs so I thought I would scramble some up and give them back to the chickens.

When I cracked this egg it has all these tiny ring things by the solid circle (I can't remember the correct word for that rn).
And I'm just curious if one of my hens is sick?

Sorry for the not so good pictures.

They look like blood spots on the yolk to me. That happens sometimes. Doesn't mean your bird is sick. Just an irregularity in the egg.
You can still eat the egg if you want. BTW, lovely dark color to the yolk.
Good news from your feeding program.
Are you referring to the bullseye, or blastodisc? That's where chicks come from in a fertilized egg. That bit of red is a meat spot, a chunk of oviduct tissue.
I see what you're talking about, but I have no idea. It almost looks like a bunch of tiny ulcers? Can yolks have ulcers? Hopefully someone else will have an idea! I can't circle them on my computer since it seems the previous posters must not be able to see them on the screens they are using.

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Ok, I used my phone, these areas I'm guessing.
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