Uh Oh. Beginnings of rooster aggression?

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    So my banty roo (19 weeks old) pecked me on the back of the leg yesterday. I was working on the coop while the chickens free-ranged. He stayed near me while the others wandered and crowed at me the whole time. He also was upset with me when I shooed some of them out of the new coop so I could work. I assume he is moving into the role of flock protector.
    My question is- I know I should pick him up when he gets aggressive, but I can't catch the little sucker. When he pecked me I chased him around the yard for a bit, stomping towards him and making the occasional grab. He stayed about 5' in front of me and muttered to himself the whole time. I was fussing right back at him. Is that enough to establish that I am the alpha?

    I have two roosters, a bantum mille fleur and a standard buff orp. Both will run away when I walk towards them. Neither of them is easy to catch to pick up. I do periodically pick them after they've gone to roost. That's about the only way I can get my hands on them. What else should I be doing to be dominant roo around here? I want to nip this behavior in the bud.

    ( I read Rooster-Red's page on roosters and his suggestions involve actually being able to catch the roos. Mine seem to be really quick!)

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