Uh oh...... Mom had to buy eggs!


8 Years
Apr 28, 2011
My mom has OLD hens she has 1 RIR hen 1 Black star, and some red stars. But they stopped laying because they are old, now... My mom had to buys eggs, how bad is that? She has like tons of young RIRs but they are pullets not laying yet, so now we are eating store bought eggs
they taste so much worse then the home raised chicken eggs.
I know the feeling! My niece will not eat store bought eggs. They live across the state and my sis makes me save up 5 or 6 doz every time she comes over.

Hope your mom's pullets start laying soon so you can go back to real eggs!
I refuse to eat them! I cant wait till my two female ducks start to lay though, then I wont be soooo unhappy. I was afraid that the two females I have werent going to lay (i dont know some weird feeling) so I bought 5 more, their called welsh harlequin, only three of them are welsh though the other two are Rouens, I heard that welsh lay up to 1 egg a day! And they will start to lay in about 4 to 4 1/2 months! But they probably wont lay in the winter very much. Oh well, I will just have to wait.

These old hen my mom has layed really good through out the winter, even without a light in their coop. We had 13 and we were getting a good 10 eggs a day, but in the late spring they kinda stoped
thats when my mom got the RIRs they are 5 months old now, and not a singal egg yet
I sold all my eggs to the neighbors one day.Refused to buy some store stuff.Figured I would wait a day or 2 till I got some fresh ones. Could try craigs for some fresh ones till the teens start laying!

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