Uh...why do our chicks have a lump on their chests? Help


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Apr 14, 2009
I just picked up our little roo and realized he has a rather large bump on the left side of his chest. That isn't his crop, is it? Is it impacted? Please tell us what to do!
That would be the crop - it's usually lumpy in the evening. The first time I saw all my chicks with their crops full I panicked and thought that they all had impactions.

You can probably relax.
Yes, it is the crop and quite normal to be very full by end of day. As long as your chick is eating chick feed, there is no need to do anything. If your chick gets extra treats, you may want to add some chick grit to help him grind up the treats. Chick starter comes with grit in it already.
Oh, thank you! I was worried! We do give them treats and let them play in their 'yard' outside periodically, but I've been giving them some grit – maybe not enough. Do they need to have it with them all the time?
They will pick up stuff in the yard, pebbles etc. Don't go too heavy on the grit, sometimes chicks go crazy on it. You can mix a little bit in with their food or sprinkle a little around for them to pick if you want but if you have them outside they will probably pick up most of what they need outside.
I was doing a search the other night on the internet and this same picture of a chicken kept coming up on all of these chicken abuse sites-I swear they took this picture of a chicken dust bathing. Mine look identical to the picture. They are using it to show how distressed the chicken looks....

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