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As anyone on this forum knows I am an avid fan of Practical Poultry magazine. Its one of only two I choose to buy.

The thing is sometimes you UK folks have terminology that I don't understand. My son in law is from the UK but he's not into chickens and wouldn't know the terms that apply. Though he does like the sound of the rooster when he visits and for me to make him breakfast of fresh eggs and spinach pie.

Well in this months (March) issue Andy Marshall speaks of "putting down" eggs. Quote: "The large fowl are now all mated-up, and plenty of eggs are down". What is he talking about?

Then he mentions something called a "magnet". Quote: "However we've had mixed results with the magnet so far. Isabella finds that it works well and easily for her, but it's proved less revealing for me." What is this "magnet" and what does it do?

Again he says, "I seem able to identify fertile and infertile eggs pretty well, but Isy can reliably determine the sex of the chick inside the egg too." How does she do this? Over here we can't identify the sex of some breeds until the first crow. Not to mention the fertility without cracking the egg open.

Like I said it's one, of if not my favorite poultry magazine, but I wonder sometimes if you Brits aren't putting us Yanks on, laughing as visions of us with furled brows trying to make sense of the terms, enter your minds.

Well I hope someone answers my questions or I may spend to much time trying to figure out how waving a refrigerator magnet around my eggs can tell me if it's fertile or not.

Thanks in advance

Lol, it's not some sort of new magic way of sexing eggs he's talking about those magna sexer things which are basically a magnet on a bit of ribbon, it's basically the same as using a wedding ring on a pregnant ladies belly. They are on Ebay for a couple of £s. Just an old wives tale Ibought some Button quail eggs that were guaranteed fertile as they had been tested with the magnasexer out of 36, 7 hatched I've never had such poor results with Buttons before or since.
The plenty of eggs are down bit I presume he means in the incubator or have been laid? It's not a term I've heard used before so it's probably regional slang for something that has a much simpler term.
What issue was it, I'm out tomorrow so I'll see if I can get a copy and figure it out for you
This was in the March issue. Poultryman's Diary - Andy Marshall. It's a great magazine and I've learned a lot.

Thanks for the help. I'm rather suprised about the magnet thing.

I'm not into these types of things but I'm new to chickens and if I can avoid roosters in my hatches, I'm willing to learn. Plus I've got a pair of brown leghorns and the fertility is not good. It would be nice to not have to wait for eggs that won't hatch.
Sometimes posts appear in the breed section about these things being 100% accurate but I've not seen anyone post back when the chicks are old enough to hatch which makes me think different more like 50% on a really good day.

I'm tempted to get one and try it out on my next batch of sex-links and see what it predicts
Well I could have used such a thing if it worked. I just tossed two more eggs that were under a broody leaving her with one egg and I'm not sure about that one.

I think I've got a roo that is shooting blanks.

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