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    I believe I have ulcerative enteritus going through my flock. I have lost probably 10 pullets and 3 roos to it. I sent one pullet in for necropsy and the preliminary results indicated evidence of ulcers in the intestine and liver but UE was not mentioned as the reason for death. So I did some research and one of the articles I read mentioned something about it being gender-specific with a possibility of gender propensity for getting the disease but it did not mentioned WHICH gender. Does anyone know if it is females that the die most often from the disease? Now about treatment, Im thinking of putting Duramycin in the water for my flock for a period of time and treating them all. Is this a good idea? If so, how much or dosage is suggested and for how long? Thank you for your advice and suggestions or comments on the subject.
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    No body has had any experience with this?
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    Dec 5, 2010
    Hi Lobzi, is there any chance of seeing the full necropsy report? Preliminary reports can be pretty vague.
    I'm not sure there's any point to treating with a specific antibiotic -- most antibiotics target particular things, so it might well be a good idea to see if the full report shows evidence of a particular pathogen. Then you could at least know which antibiotic to use.

    Having said that, I'm not sure what I'd do if they were my birds -- probably try to balance their guts a little with some probiotics and high protein feed while I wait for detailed results.

    Sorry I can't help,
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    Thank you Erica for your response. Im so disappointed in UC Davis and their necropsy service They have left me hanging and never send a final report. I cant seem to find the preliminary but I remember it focused on lesions of the digestive system. Since I am on my own to determine he cause of all my hens dying Im just going to assume UE for now and treat he flock with Duramycin. I have to try something or Ill end up with a yard of roos a best or no flock at all at worse.
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