Umm where is my DH???


12 Years
Nov 20, 2007
Glendale, AZ
I was at TS last night - getting feed and was talking to the manager about what chicks they are getting and when....

normally when I talk to people about getting more animals DH walks away - but last night he stayed right there and was even asking questions !!

this morning he starting asking me where we were going to put the tote with the new babies when we get them, and was asking how to tell roosters from pullets so he can help me pick out the new babies !!

I also told him I plan on getting as many banty's as i can - he said " OK where is the new pen going ? "

than he wanted me to call Privett and ask them what days the diffrent breeds were being sent to the TS so we could be the first ones there to get our babies !!

he has not asked how many babies i am getting - has not even put up a fuss about getting new animals

He even said we need to get more hens - to keep up with selling eggs.

I have no idea who this man is but I want to keep him

Lol! Maybe he is with elvis on a spaceship? They read the deepest part of your brain and sent you an exact replica of your DH but with everything you wanted in him.

I need to write a book
well who ever this guy is - but I plan on keeping him around !!
i wonder what other animals I can sneak into the family - I have been wanting a goat LOL

stevie you are going to get me in trouble

hmm I like the idea of " going with the flow "- but I am wondering how long this "new" DH is going to be around ??

You better get moving and take advantage while you can!

I told my DH the other day we were going to have to get more chickens to keep up with the egg orders and I got an incredulous look and a NO!
a contract - oh course - that will come in handy - when I leave the TS with a box filled with little fuzzies ( some might even have webbed feet
) and lets not forget the silkies I am going to try and sneak in the brooder ( DH does not like silkies says they are not real chickens because they look like walking cottonballs )

aww this is going to be a great weekend - oh the house is going to be filled with the sounds of babies - and than if my duck eggs hatch - even more babies -

oh my head is spinning from thinking about all the babies we - I mean me - are going to have LOL


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