Ummm.... did my hen have a stroke?

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    Jun 6, 2019
    Ok so my 4-h fair JUST got done with and when we brought my layer girls home I did the regular health check (I check for diarrhea, excessive panting, mobility problems, mites, etc.). None of my hens had anything wrong with them. When I came back from auction and was putting everyone up, I noticed my Easter egger wasn’t there. I checked her favorite hidy holes and finally found her. She was in our flowerbed lying down after having layers an egg.
    I thought that this was really weird, considering how even when all the other girls made us go on egg hunts, she would always lay in the same spot every day. When I walked up to her, she just sat there. She usually gets up and walks over and sits with me and the feed bucket (she’s my family’s favorite, so she’s spoiled). But she never got up I bent down to touch her and she tried to scramble away, something she has NEVER down to us. All she could do was flap her wings and move her head, neck, and tail.
    It has been in the low 90s to 100s this week but they have all had ice water and big fans going on them. She is 2-3 years old.
    I watched her this morning and she has mobility everywhere but her legs. She cannot move her left leg at all but can still wiggle her toes on her right. Will she be like this the rest of her life? Will she be ok?Please help!!!
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    Having symptoms like paralysis come on so suddenly is suggestive of petroleum distillates poisoning. Can you think of any way she could have come into contact with pesticides, paint thinner, hydraulic fluid, or even WD-40?

    The symptoms can also be caused by dehydration. Give her electrolytes, Gatoraid will work, and she might revive. If it's a toxin, you could try vitamin E and B-comlex, but the damage might permanent.

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