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    Jun 21, 2012
    I gave 2 Pekin cockerals a forever home as the lady had hatched eggs and surprisingly not wanted cockerals. 1 appears to be a Golden Partridge Pekin, the other I am not so sure about. He is a light golden colour, kind of yellowish, but he is the scrawniest wee thing, his feathers have came through but the quills/barbs are still on the feathers. When I try to ease off the quill the whole feather comes out in my hand. Also when you disect the quill there is what appears to be a wormy type beasty in it. The 'worm' doesn't move but has a reddish end. All his feathers are not effected by this, mainly the tops of his shoulders. I had wondered about pulling all the effected ones out but am scared they dont grow back, but maybe they are better out, when you pull them out there is no blood, just a clean hole where the feather has came out. Otherwise he is healthy and eats well, none of my other brood have these symptoms. Please if you have any ideas let me know. P.s he will be nearly a year old.
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    Sounds like the worm thing is eating the feathers. Thats why they come out so easily and thats why they aren't growing. They're dead. I dont know of any treatment, but i guess pulling out the feathers might help??

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