Un wanted roos


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Jun 28, 2010
What do most of you do when you have too many roos and don't want them? In past I was lucky enough to give 6 away. I have 7 new chicks, broody hen setting on 17 eggs hatch date March 9 and 40 in bator due March 24. I want only pullets because I sell eggs. I have 6 roo breaders now, and don't need any more. Any suggestions appreciated.
They are yummy.
I don't know I guess just the thought of it compair to your usually store bought chicken. You don't see to many black skinned chickens in the store? I wonder if they would taste different perhaps tougher, perhaps more juicier, I dont know I have never eating a silkie, dont know if I really could since I enjoy raising them...
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