unable to access BYC & then cannot respond to messages. Error message


Love God, Hubby & farm
11 Years
Apr 13, 2008
Bowdon, GA
File: /home/backyard/public_html/forum/message_send.php
Line: 45

FluxBB reported: Unable to fetch message time for flood protection

Database reported: Got error 134 from storage engine (Errno: 1030)

This was message I got when trying to respond to messages.

If any one is trying to reach me.....please e mail at [email protected]

Nancy, I think the whole site was having problems. The PM is not working for me either right now. Hopefully they will have it all up and running soon!
It probably has to do with the server upgrade they were doing. The user list is down as well.
good thing, it was only that. i am at work.... thought my worked blocked byc on me!
I thought the same thing! I had to check other sites I get on at work to see if I could get on them!
OK, so that's why I can't pull up the response to a PM I sent. I thought it was just operator error which believe it or not has happened to me before. LOL!

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