uncooked split peas in a seed mix ok?


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Feb 10, 2010
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I recently purchased a garden bird mix that contains some uncooked split peas. (It also contains a lot of other good stuff for the chickens, which is why I bought it) I know that uncooked beans are toxic to birds, are uncooked split peas in that same category? Could they hurt my chickens?
One brand of hen sratch I buy has split peas in it and my chickens are fine. Some of them love the split peas, some don't.
I honestly don't know, so I would err on the side of caution.

If you can still return it, that's an option. Or you could cook the mix until mushy and give it to them that way.
Here are some quotes from North Dakota State University, "A Guide to Feeding Field Peas to Livestock"

"Low levels of trypsin inhibitors in spring-seeded peas allow feeding without roasting. . . For laying hens, peas can be fed at up to 40% of the diet without severely affecting performance, but 10% is a more practical level with equal performance."

The trypsin inhibitors are anti-nutrients that could be, but apparently are not, a concern.

Relative to other legumes: "Anti-nutritional factors observed in other annual legumes (i.e. anti-trypsin factor in soybeans) are 5 to 20 times lower in spring-planted field pea and not considered a problem in feeding field pea to swine."

Critters with 4 stomach, like cows and sheep, have considerably less trouble with anti-nutrients, as I understand it. Swine and poultry are in different boat.

Uncooked, dry beans like pinto beans, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, black beans etc. They are bad for birds (and humans). Green beans are fine.
I have my chooks on soyree organic layer and there are peas in it as well which are good for protein but my chooks do not care for them.

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