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    Would you love to have a Website and business cards to represent your beautiful backyard poultry, with your own domain name (www.yourflockdomainname.com!), email address, and business cards to advertise it with?

    Too "cheep," broke, or busy tending birds to have time and money for it?

    We created Basement Tycoon marketing (http://btm.basementtycoon.com) with you in mind. With the money you made selling hatching eggs this month (give or take a bit, obviously--to be precise, it's $89.99), you can have:

    * A professionally designed custom logo
    * An all-inclusive Website with your very own domain name (www.yourflockdomainname.com), custom content, design, hosting, maintenance, and three email addresses (it'll cost you another five bucks a month plus about ten bucks a year to maintain your site & domain name--just so you know)
    * Professionally designed business cards with your new logo, Website address and email address at [email protected]

    And it's SO SIMPLE--just 10 (mostly optional!) steps:

    Step 1: Go to www.BasementTycoon.com.
    Step 2: Learn lots of stuff about starting a business on a shoestring (optional but free)
    Step 3: Post in the forums (also optional and free)
    Step 4: Read my blog (optional but it might hurt my feelings if you don't)
    Step 5: Click "marketing" on the home page
    Step 6: Look at our portfolio (optional)
    Step 7: Decide you can't live without us (not optional!)
    Step 8: Click "buy now"
    Step 9: Enter your payment information
    Step 10: Fill out the questionnaire (it takes about 15 minutes unless you type really slow)

    In about a week, you'll have everything you need to start promoting yourself. (Business cards may take a little longer--we're kinda at the mercy of printers and mail service on that.)

    Www.BasementTycoon.com. Because you rule the roost.

    (P.S. Please check our site often. We are constantly adding new features, information, and more free and cheap services for basement (and barnyard!) tycoons--we can't wait to see what we're going to offer next.)

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