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May 9, 2013
So I have a California white who is about 6 months old just the the rest of my hens. Pecking order has been established, and she's low man on the totem pole. All appear to be fully grown, or close to it, with the exception of Sugar. She has no wattles, though she does have a bald spot on each side where they should have grown in. Her comb is very small and never changed color. She's also only about 2/3rds of the size of the rest, and my understanding of the breed should put her at about the same size as the rest. She does not appear to be laying eggs, though the rest seem to be doing so.

My best guess is she was probably ill, or may still be ill even, as a chick, and it did some damage to her growth. She appears to eat normally, and acts just fine. I'd like to keep her even though she doesn't lay. I raised her with the rest of my chicks, and I'm fond of her.

Now that winter is getting closer, I'm starting to think about special care she may need for cold weather. Is there anything I should be considering over the course of winter? Do I need to bring her inside, or otherwise seperate her to a warmer place at night? Anyone ever heard of this, and/or have any ideas about how to keep her healthy?

For reference here are some pictures:

This is Cinnamon, my social hen. Most of the hens look like her, though the colors vary.

There here are pictures of Sugar in relation to the rest of the flock. As you can see (hopefully anyway, the pictures aren't great) she's quite a bit smaller and much less developed.

I really don't mind if she never lays eggs, because I enjoy her in her own right. She's essentially a pet chicken. What I'd really like to know is what can I do to keep her safe from "natural selection" if you will? Is she going to need special care?
Sugar does not need any special care. She is a chicken just like the rest of them. She seems to be the appropriate size. Leghorns are smaller than most full sized chickens. Egg shells tend to be a bit thinner also.

Because they are expert of all expert flyers make sure she is kept in a coop/run or she may just lay somewhere unsuspecting. I have 2 leghorns presently and have seen them fly over 80 yrds without a problem. They even fly to the top of the barn with ease.

Sugar will lay when she is ready. Wish ya the best.

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