Undersized Chicks at 18 Weeks


May 7, 2014
On the orher sidenof the coin;I would treat the FDA and a few other big Pharma related/sponsored studies against C.S. with an open mind as well. Let's not forget that big Pharma is bankrolling many of the medical school curriculums of today.


Nov 21, 2018
I’m raising my second batch of babies. They’ve been on starter grower...free choice for 18 weeks. I’ve been using Bartlett’s. My chics are nowhere big enough to integrate with the four adults I have left from my first group that I got in 2016. I’ve also supplemented with grass, Swiss chard, earthworms when I find them. There are six chicks in a protected coop yard and I put them up every night because I have concerns that they are still small enough to be a black snake’s meal if one were to get through the chicken wire.
My neighbor has a batch a few weeks (at most) older than mine and hers are as big as full grown. You only know they’re pullets by the absence of wattle and much comb.
She got hers at the local farm store; I had mine shipped from McMurrey Hatchery in Iowa. I gave them electrolytes and probiotics.
Some of mine—the Red Stars—even have a little fuzz still on their heads. I got some leftover starter grower from my neighbor and gave them some as soon as I got home. They seem to like it but they like the Bartlett’s too. What in the world could be wrong? Help!
Personally, I'd stop feeding them anything but Chick feed and Chick Booster. Also might get some small scratch they can eat. They need calories. Carbs aka grain is high in calories. Gass and Swiss chard not so much. JMHO....


Free Ranging
Sep 22, 2012
I sure don't understand why if colloidal silver is superior to antibiotics, anthelmintics and methods of treating all the other disease causing organisms - do we treat with anything else?
Sounds like a super cure that covers all bases. Now we can throw everything in our treatment kits away.
In addition, as it regards this thread, how can it reverse 6 months of bad nutrition causing stunting. Apparently it is also a time machine.
I have seen many pages of claims on the internet but I still haven't seen a documented scientific study.
You can find documented studies on colloidal silver intoxication and the symptoms of it.


Oct 22, 2019
Hmm, colloidal silver, Its been around for a long time so there must be some university study somewhere. Maybe not in English.


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Sep 22, 2012
Hmm, colloidal silver, Its been around for a long time so there must be some university study somewhere. Maybe not in English.
Yes, but for external use only. I remember back then the use of silver powder for umbilical care of newborns was common.


May 2, 2019
No one should ever be prescribing colloidal silver. It was phased out when anti biotics were found. Remember, we're talking about chicken. One of the main reasons that it's not used is because of the irreversible possible side effect of becoming a smurf forever. That is a pretty big risk to some people. There are still plenty of studies on its work on viruses and bacteria which is what we use it for. Especially if you dont have the ability to go to a vet for actual anti biotics.

You noted that you could not find anything from the first link. If you keep going down, there are links from nccih as well that should be much easier to verify. Those also have the studies on bacteria and different strains of viruses. GL!


Apr 26, 2016
All chickens continuing to grow. One of the Americaunas has seemed lethargic the last couple of days. I brought her into the house to day and checked her vent to see if there is any blockage, and there's not. I don't think she's been eating because her breast bone is prominent and her crop seems to be empty. Her beak is slightly open as if she's breathing through it. I set her up in a dog kennel we have with water and food. She's basically just standing, a little puffed up like they do when there's something wrong.

Not sure what else to do. I just felt I should isolate her so she doesn't feel like she has to pretend she's ok when she's not.

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