Understanding Rabbit Behaviour

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    There are several sites on this,but I thought i would put my knowledge into it.

    There are several "Communications" that they may use to communicate with you or if you have a herd or second rabbit.

    Keeping rabbits as a "Herd":Almost every animal has a heircry. Dominant ones,low rankings etc.Rabbits have a "Bonding Order".weird but that is what it's called.They will fight for it,even wild rabbits who intervene with each other have hiercy.But,if you do plan on having herds,spay/neuter your rabbit,unless you plan on having a herd by breeding.Now,what I mean by herd is different when they are an a large area or are able to roam fields or your house.they will not stay together usually,they are not that type of herd.I should also mention,rabbits are very social animals,a second rabbit would be something to consider.

    Actual Behaviors:
    Tossing things in the air:This is play for rabbits,or they could be trying to move something out their way (When my rabbit wants her pellets she will scoot them close to her,when she is done,she scoots the bowl out her way.

    Thumping:This could mean 3 things,for some rabbits they thump as a sign of joy while binkying,for most,it means alert,for some it means their annoyed.Which means you should probably back off.(Sometimes when my rabbit doesn't wanna go up,she starts thumping,and when she is put in her cage,she releases a be "THUD".

    Honking/Humming:Most rabbits do this as a sign of 'happiness".Or sometimes it can also mean annoyed.If your rabbit is runnning in circles around you,and making Honking noises this usually represents that she/he wants to mate.

    Circling:If your rabbit is circling you can mean affection. If you have treats that they may enjoy,they may begin circling you,I know my rabbit does whenever I have her favorite treats.

    Show of Teeth:many times "Un" experienced rabbit owners she their rabbits open their mouths and see their teeth.Well,see people think it means "aggression".It doesn't,rabbits are not like dogs,this just means it's tired and/or is in a lazy mood.

    Rabbits licking you:When rabbits have companions they "Groom" them.They lick the tips of the ears,face,or body.Often this rubs off on owners and just means they have a great bond with you ( me and my rabbit take turns grooming.)Often times people may get nipped while their rabbit licks them,those are just affection nips.

    Nipping:Nipping is a rabbits way of exploring the world.they may also nip you to get you to move,discourage this by clapping your hands every time she does,and/or saying no right after.Also making shrieking screaming sounds help.

    Relaxed Rabbits:When a rabbits relaxed it may stretch completely out,it may fall over on it's side completely,Roll on its back,or tuck all it's legs up under him and sit there.They may also "Grind" their teeth,but be aware,loud grinding means pain.

    Lying their head lowly to the ground next to you:This just means they want petted.You know when you have sweet spots when their eyes are either partially shut or completely.

    Rabbits humping rabbits:Many times people have genders of the same 'Hump eachother".This is not mating.This is how rabbits how their dominance.Rabbits will fight for dominance too,and can seriously hurt eachother.

    Ears up,standing on Hind legs:This means your rabbit has found something or is curious.If the rabbit is looking at you from a distance,and keeps turning it's head back and is on his hind legs,he wants to see whether your following or not.

    Ti Toeing:Rabbits will "Tip Toe" if they are unsure of danger. Whenever I very first sit my rabbit outside,she "tip toes" until she has confirmed everything is ok.

    Binkying:Rabbits do some pretty "Amazing" tricks without even having to be taught them. Binkying is a great sign.If your rabbits is running at high speeds,jumping in the air twisting his body,kicking his legs,running and jumping off things,this is binkying,This means your rabbit is happy. Partial binkying is when the rabbit may just twitch is head or ears (It almost looks irritated.)some rabbits may just continuously run and run and run.My rabbit will run the yard 5 or six times constantly.

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