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    So, our facility has been in negotiation with a larger healthcare corporation, and we were purchased and became one of their new facilities. The purchase was final as of 3 weeks ago, and the stress has been pretty high.

    Our facility is about 75% rehab and the rest is long term care. It's a very clean, modern facility and has had no deficiencies with the last 5 years state inspection. We have a 5 star rating. The CNA staffing ratio is 7:1, which is almost unheard of, the state requires a minimum of 13:1. The kitchen is all home cooking and they purchase from local farmer's markets.

    There was a "Department Heads" meeting this afternoon that was mandatory. We were all informed, in no uncertain terms that we were all being replaced with their in-house management. They're bringing in a food service company, and they are going to outsource the laundry, except the personal laundry, and they're eliminating the floor maintenance crew, who just works on stripping and waxing the floors. All in all, there's a loss of 47 jobs.

    I was let off with a three month severance package, with benefits. I guess I should feel lucky. Those of us at salary got the severance. The dietary, housekeeping and laundry employees were simply let go.

    I questioned their ability to just simply let us go. Their personnel manager informed me that Pennsylvania is an "at will" state. The employer reserves the right to terminate employment at any time, without any warning, for any reason. I asked why we weren't offered floor positions, and I was told I was overqualified for a floor nurse position. WHAT?

    I'm so upset. I've only been with them a few years, but I really loved my job. My husband works there as well, as an LPN, and his job remains unaffected. They've been told to expect massive staffing cuts.

    Basically, they bought a beautiful, well run facility and took out all the things that made it a beautiful, well run facility. I feel sad for the residents.

    Anyway - just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.
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    I've seen this happen SO many times in CNA work...
    A new big-wig company comes in and just screws everything all up...
    The staff becomes bitter..and its not a good enviroment to work in.
    Trust me when i say... that 7:1 ratio will change.(they are going to cut costs EVERYWHERE..).. and patient care will decrease because of it..
    What a shame..
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    I am sorry [​IMG]
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    My husband says I should feel lucky I don't have to be there anymore. I guess the word traveled like wildfire and morale has just crashed.

    I was actually given boxes to clean out my office and WALKED to my car. We were given our final pays, with all of our accrued personal, sick and vacation time, plus our severance. They made sure there was no need for us to come back. I've certainly been dismissed.

    Blah. Healthcare sucks. I'm taking the winter off.


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    I feel bad for the residents as well as for you and the rest of your coworkers who got let off. Sacrificing quality for money seems to be a theme in the business world and it is so sad.
  7. I am so sorry to hear that! [​IMG] It's especially hard to think that the quality of life may go down for the residents. Hopefully the new owners will make sure at least that they continue to do well! You are over qualified to be a floor nurse? That sounds like a load of rubbish. I hope you are able to find a new job soon!
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    If you don't mind a little advice...

    Stash that money and pretend it doesn't exist. If at all possible live on hubby's pay alone. If you think the money might "burn a hole in your pocket", pay off debt and DO NOT generate anymore.

    The economy is bad and only going to get worse. Your story is happening more and more all over the country. Use this as an opportunity to put yourself in a position where a crappy economy wont hurt you.
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    Well, I took on a pretty serious school load this semester, and if I act quick, I can add a couple more classes and knock out 5 of the 7 classes I need to complete my Nurse Practitioner.

    Nursing is a pretty fluid environment. As an RN with a master's and specialization in gerontology, I'd have no trouble getting a job.

    I'm 35. I've got to get this NP done. So far, I've done all the schooling and tuition out of pocket, and we don't have any debt, besides the mortgage, so I'm going to go for it.

    I think. [​IMG]


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