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Sep 14, 2008
Adair Co., KY
All of our dogs are tied except for a spayed female and a young female. Unfortunately one of our neighbors has 2 male beagles that run loose most, if not all, the time. So this evening when I went out to check waters I noticed that Cutie Pie, my son's beagle, is looking a bit round
Her teets are already 'filling', how soon before we can expect puppies? This will be her first, I believe she is almost 2 years old, my brain seems to be on standby right now

I'm thinking it's like 2 weeks? Probably not even that much. Anything special I should do for mom? What kind of bedding can I put in her house? Pine shavings? Straw? Bringing her inside our house is not an option.
Can you confine her to a garage or anything? I don't really know too much, as in, not sure how long until you should expect the pups, but I would definitely recommend containing her and keeping her away from the other dogs (they will majorly stress her out). Even if all you can do is get her set up in a pen with a dog house, that's better than nothing. Hopefully it's not too cold where you are yet, because I would be concerned about that as well. Small, short haired dog like a beagle should probably be inside, as it will probably be fairly chilly at night...but if there is just no way, a garage, or shed of some kind would work. Google some things about mothers and pups, and hopefully some other people will be able to offer some better advice.

And, I have to say it: Get her spayed as soon as you can after the pups are born!! I know you can't do anything about the loose males, but you can prevent your gals from getting pregnant!
If I'm remembering correctly a dog's gestation is 63 days. A good thing, as far as nutrition goes, is to feed her a high quality puppy food. Best wishes to you and the little mom to be!
You'll have to wait a few weeks silly, I just today noticed that she was a bit 'rounder' than normal

Oh very exciting!!
One thing I would make sure is that the naughty beagle daddy can't get to her once she has had the pups as they normally come straight back into heat!!

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