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May 24, 2017
Hello everyone. I have been looking forward to having my own chickens, but I was going to wait until next spring due to moving and major home renovation project going on. However, I have become the unexpected care taker of a random rooster that showed up in my yard 5 days ago. I live in a fairly secluded area and am guessing that someone didn't want him and just let him go. He kept his distance the first 2 days (and so did I, not knowing if he would be aggressive), but now he comes over to me when he sees me or hears me talking. He did a series of very cute two legged hops/jumps towards me this morning. I started putting out veggie and fruit scraps as well as some bread for him after a few days (I've already discovered some of his likes and dislikes -loves bananas and hates spinach). I was waiting to see if he would just move on, but that doesn't seem likely. So I need to figure out what I need to do for him. Most of the info I could find was regarding having hens and roosters together. If I keep him as a single guy, what kind of coop would work? How much protection from predators does a rooster need? He looks a little scraggly to me and his tail feathers are virtually nonexistent. Could he be young and not developed his full plumage? If I get the hens I want, can you keep him separate from the ladies or will it drive him crazy? Thanks for your advice


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Can you post a picture of him?
All chickens regardless of sex need predator protection.
These cute little hops may not be so cute when he charges you, not saying he will but...
it could happen.

You may want to rethink getting some girls for him or take him to a vet first..he could be carrying a disease and it would a horrible experience for you to bring in new girls just for then to die.

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If his tail is gone and he looks scraggly - he may have escaped a predator attack. Often preds, dogs especially will grab for their tail.

Many folks today either don't want a rooster or can't have one due to zoning regulations etc. They can cause you a whole lot of harm & grief, and most likely end up one someone's dinner table.

If this stirred a desire to have chickens (Hens) I'd encourage you to research breeds on BYC as well as check out the Learning Center at top of page. It is the best place to start a poultry education.
May 24, 2017
I am definitely not looking to add any girls any time soon! Was just wondering about the distant future. Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I have rooster! He was actually doing the hopping towards the food I had tossed buy am definitely leary of him still. No overt signs of aggression towards me but I am definitely being careful. I have a less than great photo on my phone and will try to upload it.


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Hi and welcome to BYC. Those "cute" leg hops etc are not good signs - they are part of the mating ritual, i.e. he considers you subordinate. Personally, I'd dispose of him however you see fit.


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May 21, 2017
He's pretty! Just don't act like your afraid of him, and he probably won't attack. I have a rooster that started being aggressive, but after I chased him a bit, he stopped and is now very submissive.

Roosters can be kept by themselves, in a flock with hens, or even in an all-rooster flock.

I think you definitely need to get him a coop for predator protection, and if you do get hens it would make him happier to live with them.
May 24, 2017
Thanks everyone for all of your input! He hasn't done the aggressive hopping again but I am being cautious but confident around him. I'm used to the whole dominance thing with dogs, but chicken behavior is new to me. My dogs all know I'm the boss so hopefully I won't have any issues with the rooster. He hasn't behaved in any way that I would view as aggressive except for the one episode of "hopping" towards his food (is there a more correct term for that?). I walk past him and he looks at me but just keeps doing what he was doing whether it be eating, drinking etc. He pretty much minds his own business but will walk calming over towards me when I am putting out food for him.

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