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Mar 16, 2018
Hello all, my name is Rhonda and i decided to join your site after visiting it on a regular basis since i had never owned chickens and sort of didn't have a choice but to adopt 8 day and two day old chicks in October 2017.
How did i end up not having a choice but to adopt, you might ask...
i live in Oregon and have my whole life, ive been at the same property for 24 years now. I had no experience with chickens until i got new neighbors next door about 7 years ago. The new neighbors immediately got about 12 chicks and had no pen for them so they ran all over the place and were a bit of a nuissance at first. they would poop on my brothers motorcycle and eat all the cat food... you get the picture. Once the next door birds were almost grown the male next door decided he wanted a bird dog. I hated seeing that dogs carnage all over my yard when i would go outside. I became very vigilant with a baseball bat by my side, any odd peep or aggressive bark from that damn dog and i was out that door yellong like some viscious demon lady. i stopped so many attacks from happening, but i couldn't be home all the time ): out of the first set of chickens she had, one black maran survived. Then she bought more chicks, and within 6 months all but that maran met the same fate. Then the third batch of hens and a rooster, only 3 hens survived plus that maran, I grew quite fond of that maran, she knew i had saved her and protected her and she followed me around talking to me whenever i was outdoors. She would even bug me until i would pet her. I absolutley loved that bird, and have for 7 years now. I ended up naming her lady chicken and she is the bared maran mother of my adopted 8.
About 3 years ago my other neighbor across the way, and good friend was getting to an age where she needed an in home helper, so her relative from Cali moved in one day. I didn't get to know him until just after my mother died on my birthday in april (about a month after he showed up) and he was kind enough to bring over a card for me from my good friend. Well we became good friends right away. He ended up getting 135 chickens delivered by the end of april and i spent much time at their place because the comical cuteness of the chickens helped me through losing my mom. I found all of the chickens to be so much more that i had ever thought, so much personality, i never would have imagined... I thought lady chicken was an exception, don't get me wrong she is, but now i have a respect for all chickens. i should mention aside from lady chicken the only up close experience with chickens id had before all of this was my same next door neighbors very large rooster attacking me and my sick mother every time we went outside our home, needless to say i was a bit jumpy around fowl. Well about two months after all the chickens arrived lady chicken decided to leave the "not so humane" conditions my neighbor was keeping her in for greener and more rooster filled pasture across the street. The original owner couldn't care less, she didn't provide shelter for her animals and barely fed them so i couldn't blame lady for moving.
About one year ago my good friend passed away ): and this took its toll on her relative. He eventually stopped feeding his fowl and lady chicken decided to come live and roost at my house. I have an awesome converted trailer next to my dads house and i made her a perch 4 feet from my door that she loved. There had been a problen with neighbors dogs killing fowl every night, and if it was not the dogs it was other predators, you better believe if i heard one peep after hours i busted out of my room with a bat or bb gun ready to whoop somethings a....nyway I noticed one day in early summer that she had collected a bunch of eggs in a box on the ground and she was sitting on them. SO one day while she was out eating real quick i moved the box into her tree and she continued to sit up there until they hatched, after they hatched my neighbor said to give them to him because he had the little shelter built with heating etc. for the 35 naked neck hens he had just bought. I hated the sounds she made when he took those babies, i hated doing that to her. Only one rooster and one naked neck hen survived out of all those babies, it broke my heart.
Shortly after the chicks were gone she had collected 16 eggs and began to sit again. On october 24th they began to hatch, this is when i told my neighbor i would not be handing them over. After 2 days of new babies appearing i noted one on itd back crying, he couldn't stand up due to splay leg. I spent the next day and a half with ouchless tape, warm rice socks, and a ton of encouragement and he was running to me through my house like a little pro. He ended up being the hugest 4 month old rooster when i found him a good home. i miss my little fat man, but he has an awesome farm home now. Back to the chicks, i ended up removing the mom and 9 babies and placing them in a secure container with a light on the ground right outside my room and going to bed. i woke up in the morning and one baby was dead and the mom was so buys scratching she kicked a baby into the wall so hard i thought it might kill him (hes ok now) so i had to remove her from them and be mommy from then on out because the next day my neighbor gave away lady chicken (im still heartbroken over it) and up and moved to california. So there i was 8 babies under a week old and no coop, and no clue.
Now they are getting close to five months old and they are georgeous here are their names and breeds if known
-my lil buddy, bared alpha rooster, and my favorite boy, he lets me cuddle with him and has never been hostile
-DR. tchui im pretty sure his dad was a grey polish roo
-Scar the white with black naked neck . hes sweet but not too bright. he is names scar because he tried to kill his self somehow one evening, we found him missing all of his skin from the back of his head, down the top side of his neck, to his upper shoulder. i thought he would die, but we tended to him vigilantly and he is fine now,
-Soshe- my little lace feathered girl who lays beautiful blue eggs and frequently says "whaaat?"
-MAMA who is a iridescent black hen who has the funniest face ive ever seen, she doesnt lay yet.
-AND MY KEPPIE, a iridescent half bared maran and half silkie who is gorgeous 23658368_2060467104184529_8874934760601744610_n.jpg 26805390_2090961351135104_436698248691242252_n.jpg 27868057_2099987760232463_4900255324811824596_n.jpg 27973464_2104209919810247_3344780545755456397_n.jpg 20604520_2012558492308724_3630275116190647365_n.jpg 24852232_2069048673326372_8833921759503817006_n.jpg 23621542_2060467307517842_3797661247748051204_n.jpg 23658368_2060467104184529_8874934760601744610_n.jpg and sweet, shes been laying tiny brown eggs since she was 4 months and one week old.

the naked neck female named tori was adopted by a good neighbor
and my little fat man who was adopted as said above.

i plan to upload pics later on, but got now chickens are calling me to go visit them.

Thank you for all of the much needed advice and for adding me to your site

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