Unexplained deaths of 2 chickens and a duck

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    In the last month or so we have lost 2 chickens and 1 duck. The only symptom seems to be lethargy. None of these birds sleeps or eats in the same area. Their ages aren't the same. They aren't the same kind of bird. 2 were basically free range (1 duck and 1 chicken). 2 Sleep in the same building, but never come into contact with each other. I don't think I see any lice or mites, but I'm going to check again. Later today I'm going to clean both coops and disinfect. I need to make sure we get apple cider vinegar into their water.
    On top of this we've also been dealing with a duck that couldn't walk and had a BAD case of bumblefoot x 4 spots and we had to operate on her and found out later from the vet that's not why she couldn't walk. She's healing. Check out my Facebook page: Fishfam Farm; to see more about her story.
    But it is all driving us crazy to figure out what's wrong.
    Any ideas?

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    I'm curious. How are your birds doing?

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