Unformed egg? Help!


6 Years
May 10, 2013
Today I went in the coop to collect eggs.well there wasn't any eggs but, there was something. It looked like a plucked chicken wing at first. But when I looked at it close it looked like a intestaint! I picked it up with a stick and took it out of the cage.(I did not touch it!) it was flesh looking and it leaked liquid. Really GROSS! I thought maybe it was a SUPER deformed egg, but I don't know for sure. Can some one help me! I don't want my chickens to die, or be sick!!
I think it will be fine I have 13 chickens an it's happen to me a Cople times. I would mix oyster shell in there feed not tons but were you can see it in there feed. :)
Update: my chicken started acting sick, she wouldn't eat she hardly ate. I found her dead in the coop today. :( I think it was a ovary or something that should came out.

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