Unhealthy feed?


Apr 18, 2018
Kelowna, BC
so. Know a person that has been feeding her chickens a homemade feed for over a week, and they haven’t gone and gotten feed. I’ve tried to convince her to get proper feed but I’ll show you what she’s feeding and you could say f it’s bad or not.
Turkey, egg, cilantro, lettuce, bread and green beans. Are any of these bad for them? I just feel like maybe they aren’t getting what they need and she’s neglecting going out and getting proper feed.
When I told her I didn’t think it was good for over a week, and that there probably shouldn’t be too much bread in the feed, she said
“Yeah I only gave them 1 piece and I can't get the feed myself I can't drive so it's all up to my mom. Ik that my chickens use to be free range and I didn't even feed them only a couple pieces of bread and they where perfectly healthy chickens are pretty strong animals so I think that they can go without there feed for some time and other people have said this is a really healthy diet for them ik feed is better but this is kinda like the raw diet version for them. Most people have also said it is good for them. Also I have read about bread it isn't healthy for them but it isn't bad for them it's just like giving them something for taste but doesn't have much nutrition.”

Please keep in mind this in on Instagram and the people that said it was health aremostly people that don’t have chickens, or dog and cat accounts. And I was saying that she shouldn’t be putting as much bread in because it’s not the best for them as a staple diet. Anyways I just want to make sure her birds are health, so could you guys give your input on this diet?


Aug 14, 2018
My Coop
My Coop
"Proper feed", or commercial layer pellets, are not meant for the long-term health of chickens, as they contain way too much calcium which often results in deposits inside the chicken. The feed recipe sounds okay but adding some peas would be good; and I would only feed the bread every once and a while since it's not good for them to eat all the time. Free range chickens won't require much additional feed, but they shouldn't be fed just bread.
Hope this helps! :)

Shamo Hybrid

Jun 6, 2018
Hahaha... funny girl. Anyway, I think it will be fine short term but for the long run I would hope she'd convinced her parents to get proper chicken feed for her if she doesn't have the funds.

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