Unknown Bantams

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6 Years
Apr 11, 2013
I apologize for the pictures. I am trying to get better ones.

This is my little Blue pullet. I think that she might be Old English. She has almost no comb to speak of yet.

The little black one in this picture with her looks exactly the same except for being black and having a bigger comb. I'm kinda worried she might actually be a roo. I really didn't want any roosters.

Here's a really fuzzy picture of the comb.

Here's a picture of my little barred pullet. I also have another one that I can't seem to get any pictures of. She looks like a miniature version of my Australorps. She must be camera shy. Any guesses would be great,
I would say the blue one is a Blue Old English Game Bantam. but not 100% sure. The black one appears to be a cockerel, but time will tell for 'her'.

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