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    Last year (i know that this late to post about but I'm a new member) one of my red sex link hens was found inside the coop dead, and I have no idea what could have killed her.
    We haven't had any other losses and she was our first loss.

    I just wanted to know what could have killed her and that way I can protect my flock in case it could ever happen again.

    Another few details are, that 2 of my other hens had a few scabs on their legs as if something had scratched them, I didn't really get a good look at the one that died because I freaked out, so someone else buried her, but he said that it looked like her thighs were bitten.

    She was healthy before her demise.

    The only thing about her that wasn't normal was that she had been debeaked and her lower beak had a small split and was twisting, despite this she was eating and drinking fine.

    Also one of my BO hens was on the wrong side of their fence which has happened before so i don't know if that has to do with it or not.

    Thank you!
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    It could've been Anything, If this Happened in the daytime, i suggest getting a few scarecrows and placing them around the Coop or yard if they are Free-Ranged and for extra safety, you can get a portable Radio and put it on the scarecrows so it makes look like someone is outside. For Night Time Animals, I suggest getting a Live Cage and putting Tuna in it. You Should get 2 or more cages so there is a more likely chance of getting a animal. But you have to kill the animal because relocating won't work and you can get arrested for it.
    If something is digging under the Coop and Run, i suggest getting stones and placing them around the Coop and Run.
    If you need anymore help feel free to contact me!

    Good luck!

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