Unknown reason for death


Apr 28, 2019
I checked my chickens last night... all was fine. This a.m. one of my girls had passed, obviously several hours ago. Her anus and tail feathers were all bloody. It didn’t look like the other girls had attacked her.
Any ideas on what the problem might be? I want to keep my other girls safe!
I’m going to try for a necropsy, but not sure that’ll happen
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Yes, she was laying (as far as I know-I have (had) 9 girls). About 7 mos old. Freedom Ranger hen.
Are your waterers clean? Algae can form in them that is quite toxic to chickens, with two of the symptoms being bloody diarrhea and sudden death. It would be blue/green and make the surfaces slick and slimy.
Yup, they get changed every other day. Plus they’re inside-no sunshine (too cold to be outside)
And no bloody diarrhea. If that were the case, everyone would be sick, not just one hen :-(

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