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    this is my second chicken story on here!! here's my first one: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=568800

    Chapter one:

    I tried to uncurl and break out of my shell. I know it's only day 19 and mama would be worried but I don't think i can handle staying in here any longer! I pecked and pushed but the thick sell wouldn't break. I pipped as loud at my little lungs could hoping mother will hear me and help me out. no luck the chick, thats me, stays stuck!
    "MAMA!" no response"MOOOM!! Im stuck!"
    I turned and thrashed around trying to crack my shell. I heard small taps on the outside of the shell.
    "Hello?" I heard a small voice say "you in there?"
    "Im stuck! please help me crack my shell."
    "Okay!" she quickly replied
    The light shined in my eyes. I dragged myself out of the remaining shell squinting. I looked up to see the black chick standing above me.
    "TADA!!! she exclaimed
    "No Proboblem"
    I looked around realizing, we weren't in a nest... we are in a big foam box... with big human eyes staring down at me through clear glass windows.
    "Where are we and who are they?" I asked her
    "We are in the incubator because those peoples buyed us when were in the eggs."
    "oh... Do we have a name?? What kind are we?"
    "Look on your shell. I'm Pepper and I'm a rosecomb bantam" she bounced happily
    "And I am...I'm Paprika the tolbunt Polish." I smiled then shivered.
    "Maybe you should rest until you dry off." Pepper suggested
    "Ya thats a fine idea."

    to be continued
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    I think this will be a good story.[​IMG]
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    i love when people post chicken Storys please make more
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    Good! [​IMG]
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    chapter 2

    Pepper and I watched as 3 other eggs hatched, Ginger the Wheaten Americauna, Hazelnut the big Dark Brahma cockerel, and Clove the Dominique. We welcomed them politely. I liked them all but Secretly Pepper was my bestest friend. We watched each other grow and played around the brooder. She stood up for me when Clove and Ginger picked on me and I did the same for her. Hazelnut was the only cockerel and what can i say VERY handsome. But of coarse he only cared for Clove the prettiest of us all. Ginger was her wanna be side kick, who Pepper secretly calls "Bearded Lady". Pepper is the only bantam so she is often left out, but so am I... I have an afro!! Hazelnut always lets Ginger and Clove eat first. Then he would eat and we would sneak over and eat the scraps once they were gone.

    Since we are 1 1/2 months old the people decided to let us in with the big chickens today. The weird thing is that all these chickens... don't look like chickens at all. They have hair, not feathers. These strange fluff balls of chickens circled us and pecked at our heads. Hazelnut puffed out his chest and strutted up to the fluffy rooster and said
    " Excuse me! I am Hazelnut the new cockerel. I come with my 4 hens. Your curious hens are injuring mine. please call them off."
    The big rooster looked at him curiously "I am Macho but u can call me Jo. I will make you a deal. You stay away from my hens I'll stay away from yours."
    " GIRLS! Leave The pipsqueaks alone!"
    Hazelnut walked over to us proudly. He is a very good negotiator. Last week he convinced me to give him my fresh apple slice and take his old one. "the old ones have more flavor!" he claimed. Ya right! I just cant say no to that gorgeous face. Thats the only reason he talks to me, to take my food...
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    More [​IMG]
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    come and see my chicken story if you want! also great story!

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