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  1. sonofabish1

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    Sep 11, 2015
    I searched quite a bit but didn't find anything about storing feed inside...

    Back in October my 3 week old meaties (30 of them) got eaten by coyotes. A couple days before I bought 2 bags of Dumor starter/grower feed (first time not buying Purina so this adds an element of unknown too). I put the feed in the basement for the winter as I'm hoping to save it until March/April when I get my next batch of meaties.

    I understand that if I open it up in spring and it's clumpy, moldy, etc to throw it away. But let's say I open it and it seems there any degradation to the nutrients, vitamins, etc that would hinder the growth and health of the new chicks?

    I feel like I should be safe and just toss it (is there something else it's good for?) and eat the $30 or so...
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    Sep 2, 2015
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    No clue but this would be good to know!!
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    Ninety days tops from run date stamped on bag. With younger / faster growing birds the fresher the better. With Cornish cross I would prefer less than 30 days,
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    x2! Vitamins degrade over time in good storage, and I don't feed anything over two to three months old. Sorry about your chicks, but it would be better to sell or give that food away than to use it next year. Mary

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