unpasterized apple?


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Jul 20, 2014
Been reading all the threads and links to making your own ACV and cant find the answer to a question I have. I'm hoping someone clever here will know!
I have been given 2 very big Scobys and I want to make my own ACV. I want to start with apple juice and not cider but everything I've read says the apple juice needs to be unpasteurized.

1. How do I know if its pasteurized or not?

2. How important is it that its unpasteurized?

Any help really appreciated! :)
The label should say whether it's raw or pasteurized.
Pasteurization kills all the natural enzymes. Can you replenish them with scoby, I don't know.
I know it doesn't have to be organic.
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You should be able to find unpasteurized apple cider pretty much everywhere (it's usually in the produce section, in a cooler - has to stay cold).

That being said,if you're going to add a culture (mother, scoby, etc), there's no reason it needs to be unpasteurized.

Also, the words 'cider' and 'juice' are only formally defined in a couple of states - there are companies that sell the same thing as both - some use the two words as essentially marketing terms.

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