unpopular chicken opinions??

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Jul 27, 2020
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The last two are silkie x cochin mixes. They’re not silkied. What’s so bad about silkied cochins?
I’m having a lot of trouble finding pics of pure silkied Cochins. But if I’m basing it off of the first photo it should be rather obvious. It looks like someone electrocuted a BR. Beyond that just the same problems have with normal silkies. The only reason I might consider getting a silkie is to have a broody.


Sep 6, 2020
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I love my Ausies. They're all black, and I NEED some blue ones. I hope (only) one of them goes broody this spring, to raise some Blue chicks for me.

I am enjoying the pics of the feather legged chickens, y'all. Some of them look like old fashioned cowboys with their big wide chaps. :)

I'm sorry if I upset people with my opinion on NNs. They may grow on me a bit. I have heard that they're great birds. One question... does the lack of neck feathers serve a purpose for the bird? I would think they'd get cold...?
Yep, less feathers has resulted in bigger eggs, and better tolerance of 100F degree days in summer. My EEs have beards, muffs and double thick capes, but they’re rather uncomfortable in July.
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Jul 30, 2020
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People shouldn't jump the gun so quickly on sexing.

Have a little patience and the saddles will come in.
I agree to some extent. But if the gender is obvious before the saddles then why wait?

Also my favorite game is "Sex That Chicken!" if you wait till the male feathering it's a lot less fun. :lol:

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Jun 22, 2019
i honestly do not understand how frizzles can survive in cold conditions, chicken feather structures are sooooooo important to keeping warm, how do they maintain body temps???
Snuggling up with another warm body can be surprisingly effective for keeping oneself warm. That and staying out of the elements -- even a light draft can be horribly chilling.
Snuggling and shelter. If the coop is small, then it will warm up faster than a larger one with the same amount of birds.


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Dec 22, 2020
They are so boring.

Lol, I think this is why I went for a whole flock of them this time around! For whatever reason I decided I wanted just a good classic looking chicken. I also wanted a good temperament and I’m a fan of heavier breeds, so Orpingtons it was.

There actually isn’t a single buff in the flock though, in fact they’re a mix of buff Colombian, chocolate, mauve, silver laced, and gold laced. Not that I’d mind plain buffs!

My own personal unpopular opinion is that I dislike silkies and Easter Eggers, although from this thread I’m finding these aren’t all that unpopular actually. For some reason, when I see the little dark silky faces with a puff of feathers on their head and beady eyes, they remind me of a gorilla 🤣 As for EEs, I just prefer chickens that have a standard look to them.

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