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10 Years
Jun 18, 2013
i am trying to get through my list of threads with unread posts but some won't disappear :barnie

like my Maine thread i keep clicking the little dot and it keeps staying on my unread page :he
its gone now that i posted on it, but i shouldnt have had to post to make it disappear :/
Is this still happening? Any other users having this problem?

Let us know what browser and version you're on!
not that i have seen recently

But now i have TONS of threads that are unread that ARE in fact already read, many i was the last poster on them
they appeared over the weekend when i was out of town
Untitled 2.png
heres an image:
obviously if i was the last person that posted, the thread has been read :/

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Those are from before the conversion to the new software, so XenForo won't actually have the correct flag set to show you have actually read it. I'm not 100% certain if that was even considered during the migration.
interesting, they werent there on friday but appeared over the weekend
when i logged off on friday only my 'real' unread threads were there

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