Unrest in my little flock


13 Years
Jan 12, 2010
I have 14 chicks that are about 1 month old... the 5 roosters are going at eachother big time and going after the girls, and the girls are going after the roos... is this normal or should I pull out the agressive roos and leave the one with the girls that doesn't seem to be an aggressor. All but one will be heading to freezer camp.

They're salmon faverolles and supposed to be a fairly calm bird... but you wouldn't know it as crazy as they're acting!
I'd seperate the cockerels you don't intend to keep long-term and let the remainder of the flock get back to setting up their pecking order.
A peaceful flock is a whole lot more enjoyable.
ETA: You should still expect some fussing. They're working out the pecking order and in a few weeks time, should have everything sorted out.
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