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  1. Zondervan

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    May 23, 2011
    Hi all we have a problem with one of our ex batts she has on 2 occasions laid unusual eggs I have not seen one however my wife reports that there is always 1 with no shell and 1 with a soft squishy shell. She lays normally most of the time but this is twice we have received these eggs. Is there a problem she has a very balanced diet of ex layers pellets, corn in small quantities, water on tap, grit on tap, cabbage , yoghurt, and all manner of treats, we have during this time sprayed for red mite no probs there and we clean out very regular so it shouldnt be a contamination issue, the birds were both jabbed. They do not receive any stress and go to bed quite happy. Please help if you can?[​IMG]

    Thanx in advance
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    Interesting problem, and it sounds like your hen is getting excellent care.

    We put out crushed oyster shell, as we say here 'free choice' and I think you are using the term on-demand. You didn't mention that in their diet availability.

    It seems to me since your hen came from production facility she couldn't have laid irregular eggs and had a career there. Maybe it is just that she will lay an irregular egg now and then.

    Once when one of mine got drenched in a down pour, the next day's egg had a softish & brittle chalky shell, the egg inside was fine. Tracking back to what was happening to that hen 25-hours earlier may be one clue. Increasing the availability of calcium may help by using oyster shells, or crushing the egg shells that come from the eggs that you use and making them available to your chickens.

    What is in Ex layers pellets? is there a label that you could tell us the contents and percentages? Does jabbed mean what we here call 'debeaked' or beak trimed?
    Curious about what you will find out about this.

    good luck - I hope it will clear up.
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    Apr 12, 2011
    Quote:Eggs with soft cells??!! Are they possessed??!! Never seen anything like that in the store...

    That was our first reaction too. Well, eggs like that stay at the farm. As it turns out, it is not uncommon when they need a boost of calcium or just getting up in age.
  4. Zondervan

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    May 23, 2011
    Hi Guys thanks for our kind replies it seems that I did not communicate very well last time, when I say jabbed I mean inoculated, yes they were/are getting plenty of oyster shell as i use mixed grit and on demand does mean they can freely get to it I made an home made dispenser which they just go to when they feel the need, and yes I would say they get well looked they get more love and attention from my wife than I do, LOL.
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