Unwanted roo keeping my birds apart!

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8 Years
Jan 27, 2011
N. Ca
I have two flocks of chickens three older pullets and one surprise roo. The pullets of that group are mostly fine with my three 6-7 week old chicks. Whenever the first group gets too close to the young group (or vise versa) the roo chases the little ones away. We want to cull the roo when he becomes his most tasty, but I don't know what to do with him in the meantime. So far I run around and catch him and coop him back up for the day after giving him a chance in the morning. Later in the day I let him out again and he mostly ignores the little ones then. The three young chicks are in a temporary coop outside (on the patio YUCK!) and I would like to put them in the main coop SOON. I just don't trust the roo alone with them. I'm just not sure what to do with him. Perhaps I should take him from the coop at night and add the little ones...and keep the roo in a kennel?
Shoot, I wish I could ring his neck now, the little bugger!
I'm not an expert but a bad Roo will give you more trouble than the cost of a chicken at the supermarket, if you have to keep him to eat then put him in the pen you have the chicks in and feed him good. He should be young and tender in a small cage. The next thing is get rid of him, Craigslist works wonders, even if you have to give him away.
It could possibly be that the rooster is laying down the pecking order and letting the new ones know whos boss. If no blood is being drawn, Then there is no need to worry.

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