***UP DATE W/Pick*** OMG there is 17 of them!!!!


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***Babies are almost 1 month old now and mom still has 16 of them, so she is doing pretty well.***


2 years ago I bought 4 guineas, 1 didn't survive so I had three and 1 turned out to be a hen.

Last year (her first year to breed) she had a nest in the front garden with 19 eggs, only 4 of the 19 eggs hatched, so I figured that maybe that was normal for a guinea, anyway I now have 7 guineas. The 4 youngsters from last year are real trouble makers. They won't stay home and they are always going around the neighborhood bothering the neighbors. When I see them out of the yard I send my dog after them to herd them home but of course they go right back to being bad. Luckily I have some really nice neighbors and they never complain about the guineas they just shoo them out of their yards when they see them.

Last night my guinea hen who has been AWOL for several weeks came home with 17 chicks, I just about had a heart attack. What am I going to do!?! I can't control the 7 guineas I already have what am I going to do with 24? One of my neighbors told me that guineas are not good parents he said, "oh don't worry she will never raise them all", but my birds are excellent parents. All 7 of the adults are guarding and helping to protect the chicks, I feel pretty sure they will raise the whole brood. Good Lord....nobody told me that these birds breed like rats!!!!

The babies are so cute, I mean there is nothing cuter than a baby right? But they have this very nasty habit of growing up and what is going to happen if next year one or more of the 4 from last year turns out to be a hen. I'll have 2 hens breeding and good Lord there is no telling how many of the 17 that just hatched are hens. This could get really ugly really quick!!!
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I'd get rid of them if they're causing problems. We used to have 6 guineas, but we finally gave them away. Guineas just won't stay home, and we had the same problem of them roaming in every yard except ours. lol! It was the final straw when they started taking our chickens with them and then ganged up to pick on our rooster.
Sell the babies or the adult birds? Do very many people want guineas? There are quite a few people in my community who have chickens but I think I'm the only one with guineas, I sort of got the feeling that they were not a very popular bird. I think that's because you can't keep them at home, they can fly over any fence and they breed like rats. They make a lot of noise but since I live in a rural community and there is quiet a bit of room between houses the noise hasn't been an issue.

DH says that we should process them for the freezer when they get big enough but I have no idea if I would like them or not. I've never eaten one and I sure don't want to have a freezer full of meat I don't want to eat. I guess I could try one and see if I like it. I don't know it just seems wrong somehow.
Guineas are said to taste like "rich" chicken...so if you like to eat chicken I'm sure you'd like to eat guinea.

I wish I lived closer, I'd buy 10 of them off you! I want guineas but the only way I can find them close is from a hatchery and you have to buy 25 or more!
Picked on your rooster?
My guineas haven't tried that yet, but my rooster thinks he's ten foot tall and bullet proof so I don't think that would wash. I watched him tear into and fight off a hawk that was trying to get one of his hens. He won, he limped around the chicken yard for the better part of a week afterward but he didn't loose the hen.

My son hates the guineas but I have really enjoyed them, I really don't want to get rid of them because I enjoy them and they have really helped keep the tick population under control. We were having a real problem with ticks and I couldn't poison the yard because of the chickens. I was told that guineas would help control the ticks and it has worked. I'd much rather be over run with guineas than ticks.
I wish you lived closer too, I'd sure sell you some.

Edited to add: Maybe you could put an add in the paper and find some other people who want guineas and y'all could split a shipment.
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Why you don't sell some of the keets? Tell the people about the ticks

And.............their meat is yummy...........realy. If you don't like it, why you don't sell them to a restaurant?
I'll check with my feed store and see if maybe they would buy some of the babies.

I got to thinking about it and I was thinking that next year when she goes AWOL I can find her nest and take the guinea eggs out and replace them with some of my chicken eggs. I wonder if I would have an bunch of chickens growing up thinking they were guineas or if it would matter.

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