up to date dose for Ivermectin please !!

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    Mar 15, 2015
    I looked through the threads and I am trying to find dosing instructions for ivermectin, I saw some but the posts were from 2008 and I am looking for current info. I really am looking for dosing info for putting it in their water so the water wormer ratios. I am not really in a position to orally administer if I don't have it. Also am I supposed to order some form of poultry ivermectin or can I use the equine version? I know I have an issue with worms, I have ALL the classic signs and birds dying on me so I need to do something soon and after much research and other threads have discovered the feed through and wayzine wormers don't work. I wanted to get a fecal but can't find one available on line, and at this point with all the tall tale signs and more dead birds I want to get this taken care of. A handful of my flock are in molt but so far I don't see that ivermectin will cause an issue, but I do believe I saw safeguard causes feather deformity.

    thanks for all your help, always with all my questions!

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