Upcoming Small Animal Auctions NY (One this weekend!)

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    I thought I would post a list of upcoming NY auctions for everyone, Since it seems to be a big secret when stuff is! If I missed one, make sure you post it!

    Bridgeport NY ( www.auctionnetwork.org)

    March 27
    April 10 & 24
    May 15 & 29
    June 12 & 26
    July 17
    August 14
    Sept 25
    Oct 16

    I went to the first one of the year, it was a nice auction, lots of good quality stuff at pretty reasonable prices. It was standing room only, so if you're going, make sure you come early, and bring a lunch, they ran out of food!

    Alton/Sodus NY Village Auction www.villageauctioneer.com

    April 11 at Village Auction site
    May 1 at Pine Creek Feed, Lyons NY

    I've gone to the one at Pine creek, it's a really big auction, lots of stuff, lots of equipment. They hold another one in the fall (at both places) although those are smaller (They were a great place to get some fall bargains though!)

    Bath NY http://www.steubencountyfair.org/poultry.htm

    May 8th
    Sept 18th
    Sept 12th (POULTRY SHOW)

    This is probably the BEST auction to go to, or the best one I have been to! Lots of good quality breeder stock here. Loads of equipment. If you're selling, you need to come EARLY so your stuff makes it up before the break!

    I hear there is an auction and tailgate sale in Batavia NY in May, third weekend is all I have heard, if someone knows the details, I would love to know!

    If you are looking for "bargain stuff" there is a weekly auction on Weds in Springville NY (http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WM30EB) and also one in Sherman NY thats once a month, but I don't recall which day, sorry!
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    I was just wondering if you had an idea of who breeds the Mille Fleur? I am just having some problems with them.

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