update **2 wk old chick with swollen vent

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    The problem is not going away, everytime I push the vent back in she strains and pushes it right back out. I have Photos but not sure how to post them on here, please help.

    Ok, this sounds sick but my little hen looks like she has a huge hemmroid, she has problems with pasting and I have stayed on top of it, being very careful not to pick or pull at the poop. When I checked on her last night her vent was turned inside out with poop stuck to it. I cleaned it off and put a little pressure and it went back in, then she pushed it back out. This happened at least three times. HELP what do I do???
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    I had this happen with a silkie baby. You can trim some of the butt fuzz off with scissors. This way the poo will be easier to take off and less likely to cause sores. Keep a close eye on her and continue to clean it and gently push it in, just like you have been. You can also add a little sugar to her water for a couple of days. Good luck and keep us posted.

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