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    Jul 18, 2013
    It is a relief to see much improvement in Lizzie and Missy, my set of partridge rocks. They both seem to have been injured by coop mates. I was able to take Lizzie out for a bit of sun and green nibbling today. She is standing and walking with a quick adjustment to what seems to be soreness with some steps. But thank God she is up and moving better. She will remain in the chick hospital until she is fully recovered. I was concerned about Missy yesterday when I found her with a swollen eye and ear on one side of her face. I checked her today to find that she had a lot less swelling and could see more of that beautiful brown eye. I washed it with sterile eyewash a few times and it seems she had either been hit in the eye or had some debris in there. Once she gave her head a good shake to get the wash of her face, she opened the eye and went looking for greens and grass. This what they both look like today. Thanks for the input, I have bookmarked a few more sites for reference thanks to you. What are the green spots in her wound?


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