UPDATE:Eye infection/deformity??? Please help? PIC


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Oct 31, 2010
On the side of a knoll...
We just bought this cute little cochin and somehow I missed this when we bought her but I'm glad I did get her b/c she may not have lived due to so many chickens around her. I'm sure this is infection but what do I do about it? I've never had to deal with this type of infection, not in the eye. I've already started by putting some vitamins in her water.


(I know it needs to be cleaned around it but I'm afraid to do anything til I get opinions)

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Keep her quarantined from your other birds.
I'm afraid it may be some kind of contagious respiratory disease...they normally start out as eye problems like bubbly eye or eye discharge/swollen shut.
Have you noticed any other problems?
Sneezing, bad smells, wheezing, nasal discharge?
Well for now, you can flush her eye/s out with water.
You can also get some terramycin eye ointment (that helps with eye infections).

But keep a look out for other symptoms.
Some diseases can be carried on clothes, skin, and hair, so make sure you care for your flock first (feed, water, and cleaning) before caring for this bird.
Always wash and disinfect after taking care of the sick chicken.
You wouldn't want to give something infectious to the rest of your flock.

If she starts showing more symptoms you can use tetracycline, but you should know that most respiratory illnesses make them carriers for life and are chronic/incurable.
Alot of the time, you can treat the symptoms, but they will always have it, even if they look better.

But i'll be crossing my fingers its just some eye problem
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# 1 is Get the area clean then work on the eye lids and eventually under the eye lids.

A warm damp compress held gently against the area will loosen most of that debris. Once you've got a clean slate then flush with the sterile solution for eyes. Don't rub obviously because if this is a local infection vs. respiratory symptoms the bacteria will get deeper into the tissues. Q-tip type swabs will be helpful. Use a lot of these to avoid spreading the infection around.

Blot with clean warm damp cloths until it's clean. I'd suggest sterile saline eye wash. Then flush often with the sterile saline solution.

Does she have an eyeball in there??
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I agree. Soften it up with a paper towel with warm water to remove crustiness and try to flush it with saline (or water) and terramycin ointment. Looks like eye infection/conjunctivitis. Is it swollen too?
I've called around for the terramycin and was told that I need a prescription or to check with a vet and the vets near me are already closed for today...

Yes, I too wish I would have paid more attention and checked her thoroughly before buying her....

I can't tell as of right now if she has an eyeball. I think she does b/c there's movement, like when someone has their eyes closed but you can still see movement from their eyeball..

Is there any way this could be only an infection and not a disease? Is there any way to tell?
Unfortunately, it looks like a disease from the pic. Her exposed nostril is also gummed up from what I can see in the pic. How does the other side look?

You can use Neosporin (without pain relievers) in the eye in a pinch. I've used it on my ducks for past eye injuries. You can also use Terramycin ointment that is for humans. Do you have any unexpired ointment from an old eye injury in any household members? I've used this, too.

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