update: growth of cornish x (11 days old)

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    Jun 28, 2011
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    Hey, will try to post pics later today if I can get some uploaded but wanted to give an update on their growth. We weighed them for the first time today and at 11 days old they weigh between 7 3/4 oz and 10 oz. They are going through almost a gallon of water and two full chik feeder trays of food each day. We expanded their brooder today by two more square feet and have been turning off their light during the day for a couple of hours. They have a window in their brooder so they get light without so much heat.

    In comparison, our egg layers who are also 11 days old are all 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 oz, go through a pint and a half of food and two pints of water a day.

    Behavior wise, the meat birds are a lot more agitated easily but are also more curious and tend to get themselves into messes more often while the egg layers are quieter and don't mind being held.

    The meat birds feathers have yet to catch up with their growth. They have stubby little wing feathers forming and today finally have some tail feathers emerging but their chests are nearly bald. Our egg layers have full wing feathers (tiny though they are) and full tail growth and are covered in down with no bald spots at all.

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