Update, had to help the 3rd baby not looking good


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Feb 21, 2009
Columbia river gorge
Ok yesterday about 8am or something one baby hatched , that baby hasnt eaten or drank anything scince then , I tried gently dipping its beak and it just choaked on the water.
Will he get it later on ? How long do I have ?
This morning I woke up to another chick in the bator and the bator looks like there was a texas chansaw mascar in there , theres blood on one of the sponges , one of the walls and part of the wire floor. this tummy is kinda scabbed up but I dont see any yolk ,, what happend any ideas.
There is another egg in there peeping now. What can I do to save the babies.
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from what I've read, they are okay without food and water for up to 3 days. The blood was probably from the left over yolk sac. Just hang in there another day or so. They'll be fine.
They should be fine. The first chick doesn't need to eat for about three days, he'll et it eventually! Some blood is normal, so unless something else happens soon, that chick will probably be fine, too. The other one is just keeping you waiting, don't worry!
Update .. I saw the black one take a couple drinks.

I put them in the brooder , my humidity had droped and the egg that was peeping wasnt pipped yet so I pulled them out and rewet the sponges .


what do you think there silkies right ? what color will they be? , the black one has one toe that turns under the rest is that ok or should I tape it? Oh and he only has 4 toes arnt silkies sapose to have 5 , these were sapose to be silky eggs but she sent a few mixed banty eggs as well but I thought I got the all marked correctly these two were from the silky marked eggs .
The third silky egg pipped finnaly its halfway thru day 23 , little blighter pipped on the small end of the egg and went from peeping quite loudly in the egg to not peeping I think these guys just like giveing me frown lines and highblood pressure.
THank you they are very cute , they have poofy heads

THe other egg that pipped has brownish stuff around the edge of the little hole he made and he clicks when he breaths, Im worried he got some fluid or something scince he pipped the wrong end, But I dont want to try helping scince he has only been pipped a few hours.
youre fingers for the little guy

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